Eva Lea Klein - Retired Tailor Based in Florida

Eva Lea Klein

A native of Brazil, Eva Lea Klein began her career in 1973 as a salesperson at a retail store owned by her father. Accomplished in selling a wide range of products, Eva Lea Klein also assisted her father with managerial duties and handled any other tasks she was assigned. She worked at the store until 1991, when she moved to Florida after earning a degree in architectural design from Brazil's Kafaat University.

Eva Klein has lived in Florida ever since and most recently worked as a tailor with a Boca Raton-based Banana Republic, where she created new clothing items and altered existing garments to better fit customers. Additionally, she assisted customers at the store who spoke either Spanish or Portuguese. She retired in 2013 after eight years with the retail outlet. Though still living in Florida, she regularly travels to Brazil, Texas, and New York to visit immediate and extended family members.